Triassic Connecticut and the Purple Dilophosaur

Recently, I have had the honor of working with The Stamford Museum in prepping their fossils for an upcoming exhibit featuring the art of James Gurney (you should really check this guy out!!). Being in CT, the museum has acquired a vast collection of local fossils (Connecticut river valley specimens, etc.), and the curator has commissioned me to create murals of the animals in their collections. Right now I am working on the Triassic CT mural, which showcases a Dilophosaurus (Eubrontes giganteus), two Anomoepus (heterodontosaurid tracks, maybe?), a prosauropod dinosaur (presumably Ammosaurus or a close relative), Podokesaurus, and a phytosaur. What is awesome about this project is that I get to work with fossils which were excavated ages ago. I mean, some of this stuff has not been relabeled since the time of Leidy or Marsh. Crazy! Some of the specimens they have were even by Leidy and Marsh themselves (according to the labeling)! As a self-proclaimed paleo-nerd, that just blows my mind!! Anyways, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I will be back with more later! Thanks for reading!

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