PaleoNews #2

Hey guys, welcome to PaleoNews #2. Some really cool things have happened in the past weekend! In the news: a large new ichthyosaur from Scotland, an ancient fish, and much more! Enjoy!


Just today, paleontologists from Scotland described Dearcmhara shawcrossi, a large basal ichthyosaur. As some of you may know, vertebrate fossils from Scotland are extremely rare, and so this new find is getting lots of publicity. As usual, the news companies reporting on this fossil have no idea what they are talking about half the time and overstate how big or small or important the actual find is, and so if you look this ichthyosaur up, you’ll find such headlines as “Nessie’s Ancient Ancestor” (which is just ridiculous). The actual animal only measured 14 feet long, which is big for an Jurassic  ichthyosaur, but not nearly large enough (in my opinion) to be considered a sea monster.

A new fish named Janusiscus schultzei reveals what the common ancestor of cartilaginous and bony fish may have looked like. This fish, which was previously classified as a species of Dialipina, was recently given its own genus and species. The fossil shows that bony and cartilaginous fish had many more features associated with bony fish then with cartilaginous fish, suggesting cartilaginous fish are way more specialized then previously thought.  Hopefully Tetrapod Zoology doesn’t see this, because Naish will likely be offended by my fishy language (see what I did there!).


On the Luis V. Rey Updates Blog, Rey discusses his new work that features good ol’ Tyrannosaurus chasing an Alamosaurus. This is awesome because “Ol’ Rex” is usually portrayed chasing (and killing) anything but sauropods, and so the artwork gives us a bit of pleasant surprise when Tyrannosaurus is dwarfed by Alamosaurus. For extra awesomeness, it was based on a museum mount! You should definitely check out his blogpost for more on his new awesome artwork.

On Archosaur Musings, Dave Hone discusses some recent artwork on a certain Protoceratops find. You can find that blogpost here. The artwork exhibited is by the fantastic Andrey Atuchin, by the work of whom I have always been inspired. Check out his deviant art page here. It is full of his awesome digital artwork and is definitely worth checking out!!!

Anyways, that is all for now! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!


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