PaleoNews #5

Hey guys! Welcome to PaleoNews #5!


Cox et. al. discovers that the giant rodent Josephoartigasia used its four giant incisors like an elephant uses its tusks. They speculate the giant rodent used these teeth to dig for nutrient-rich roots. They also speculate Josephoartigasia used its large teeth and strong bite force to defend itself from the myriad of predators it would have shared its environment with.

Zurriaguz and Cowell describe both the morphology and pneumatic features of the presacral column of Saltasaurus. SV-POW!, of course, had some fun with it (more on that later).


SV-POW! continues their series on epipophyses. I found the series very informative as the guys at SV-POW! explain that those crazy finger-like epipophyses found on Qijianglong’s vertebrae aren’t that weird at all. You can view the series at At DINOSOURS!, Ben talks about the artistic side of fossil mounts. You can view the article here.


This week we have a Panguraptor lufengensis by Eloy Manzanero. Eloy is an amazing artist who’s talent I can only dream to have one day. His take on this well-preserved Asian coelophysoid is absolutely stunning: panguraptor_lufengensis_head_by_eloymanzanero-d832663

You can find more of his artwork on his deviant-art page and on his youtube channel. If you would like to feature your artwork on Paleo-news, please inform me in the comments below and put a link to the artwork. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed Paleonews #5, and thanks for reading!


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