Terrific Tetanurae! #4 Mapusaurus roseae

Hello all! Time for Terrific Tetanurae! #4! This is part 1 in a series about giganotosaurines. So without further adieu…

Welcome to Terrific Tetanurae!, a series where I highlight some of the weird and wondrous animals within the clade Tetanurae. This week we have Mapusaurus,a medium-sized giganotosaurine carcharodontosaurid which lived during the Cenomanian stage of the Cretaceous in what is now Argentina. It was slightly smaller then its relative Giganotosaurus, with size estimates placing it around 33-40 feet long and around 3.3 tons. Mapusaurus is actually fairly well known (in terms of remains) for a carcharodontosaurid due to the fact that the taxon is represented by several individuals from different growth stages which were found in a bone bed. The rocks from which these M. roseae  were collected correspond to the Huincul Formation. This same unit has yielded the bones of the ‘supermassive’ titanosaur Argentinosaurus huinculensis, leading some to speculate that M. roseae preyed on such large sauropods. The fact that many individuals of M. roseae were discovered in the same place has also lead to speculation these massive theropods hunted in packs. Mapusaurus was most likely the the top predator in its ecosystem and may have competed with other, smaller predators of the Huincul Formation, such as Skorpiovenator and Ilokelesia (both abelisauroids), for food. Many other animals made up the environment in which M. roseae lived, including various ornithopods and rebbachisaurids. M. roseae would have preyed on many of these animals. Because of the well-preserved remains of Mapusaurus, we can better piece together the appearance, ontogeny, and paleobiology of other, lesser known carcharodontosaurids.


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