PaleoNews #12

Gosh. I planned on doing the Dinosaur themed article last week, and then papers on two new dinosaurs (1 is avian) were published. 


A new Early Cretaceous bird has been described. Archaeornithura meemannae is an early member of Ornithuromorpha, the clade from which all modern birds stem. Two partial specimens of this animal have been collected from the Huajiying Formation in northeastern China. These animals are the first ornithuromorphs from the formation, and also predate the earliest known ornithuromorphs (from the famous Jehol Biota) by 6 million years. The fossil specimens suggest that skilled flight and rapid developmental growth arose in the early stage of bird evolution. The bird itself also had an awesome crest of feathers on its head.

Meet Saurornitholestes sullivani. This new dromaeosaurid has been making headlines due to the large size of surface of its skull where the olfactory bulbs would have been located in life, suggesting the dinosaur possessed a good sense of smell. It was a relatively small dinosaur, being around 6 feet in length. The animal was excavated from New Mexico in 1999. This animal adds to the growing list of North American dromaeosaurids.


At The Bite Stuff , Jaime Headden discusses the diet of Chilesaurus. You can find that post here.  At dinosaurpalaeo, Mr. Mallison has reached the 10th installment in his Photogrammetry series. You can check the post out here.

At his blog, Mark Witton discusses European wukongopterid pterosaurs (link here). LITC reviews a new Vintage Dinosaur Book here, and Darren Naish writes on domesticated african horses. PBOTW showcases the crested hadrosaur Parasaurolophus here.


This week we have my illustration of a lone Merycoidodon for one of my museum’s exhibitions. It wasn’t used in the final exhibit but it was a blast to illustrate the animal!

Merycoidodon by the author. Colored pencils on paper, 2014.

Merycoidodon by the author. Colored pencils on paper, 2014.

Remember, if you’d like to feature your artwork, leave a comment saying so below. If you have paleoart and want to feature it, this is the place to do so!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed PaleoNews #12, and thanks for reading!! 

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