Something New is Coming: Summer 2015 at The Tetanurae Guy

Oh summer! A time when paleontologists can focus on nothing but their muses, digging, researching, discovering, etc., under the warm sun. And a time of opportunity for me. This summer, I am pleased to announce that TetGuy will be going through a few changes. For starters, I am planning to have a new blog design up soon, and I may even create an official logo for this blog. I might also change the title and catchphrase of the blog. A bunch of new bits and series will be up on this blog as well.

The Whole Denver Museum gang is smiling and ready for the occasion!

The Whole Denver Museum gang is ready for the occasion!

Get ready for trip reports!  This series will show how fossils are collected, recorded, and placed in a museum collection. Hopefully, it will give the non-paleontologist/fossil collector readers of this blog a chance to see what it’s like to hunt for fossils. Right now the first episode might be on Ramanessin Brook, but I don’t want to spoil anything and/or make promises I can’t keep. This series is definitely something to look forward to reading, and I am looking forward to sharing my job experiences with you guys!

I also may be able to get interviews with some paleontologists, paleoartists, geologists, etc., which will definitely be awesome and a fun addition to this blog.

Terrific Tetanurae will continue, and I am in the process of planning several new articles which I think you guys are going to love. This summer the theme is weird and wonderful, so we will be looking at the truly weird animals of the Tetanuran family yee (see what I did there?). This is definitely a series bursting with potential and will continue to have segments published weekly.

Sebecus is showing a smile!

Sebecus is showing a smile at the AMNH!

I am a little worried, however, about PaleoNews. My highest viewed series is hard to maintain, and I end up talking so little about animals which are so amazing. This summer, I think I am going to stop making this series weekly so that I can really focus on the importance of the animals I am speaking about. PaleoNews won’t go away, but it will become better and more informative.

The new series I am most excited about relates to my job. At the museum, we are very interested in the natural history of New England and the East Coast as a whole, and I really want to incorporate that into this blog. So I am pleased to announce the new star attraction for TheTetanuraeGuy Summer 2015: Antediluvian Beasts of the East: New Looks at the Fossils of the Eastern United States. This series will highlight 1 animal per week, the fossils of which having been/being found in the Eastern US. Ranging from the gigantic Miocene shark Carcharocles chubutensis to the tiny Late Cretaceous mammal Cimolodon, the Eastern US has a fascinating, if not underrated, fossil record which deserves more attention, and I intend to give it some. I will also talk about the ancient ecosystems of the Eastern United States as well as a whole lot more!

I am very excited to share these changes and new additions to this blog with you. These new series will start to show up right around June 6-7. However, the Spring-Summer transition is a work-filled time for one who works at a museum devoted to children and families, as not only do many children get out of school and into my museum’s camp at this time, but we have a new exhibit in the works that uses some fossils, which I need to help with. Some other things that need my full attention have happened in the past few weeks (don’t worry, some really good stuff has happened,as well as unfortunately some bad stuff, but I just don’t want to get into the details), which I must be aware of. These things may affect my schedule, which, in turn, affects my blogging. I hope you understand. Anyways, have a great week, and I will (hopefully) converse with you all again on Friday with Terrific Tetanurae #9. Thanks for reading!

Giganotosaurus looks to the future!

Giganotosaurus looks to the future!


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