It’s That Time of Year Again…

For much of the world, the middle of summer is approaching. For me, that means the most stressful, restless time of year outside of publishing a paper. That’s right, it’s fossil huntin’ season!

Earlier today, I went scouting for invertebrate fossil fragments. The fossils I was looking for are from the Minturn Formation, a carboniferous layer of brown-to-tan colored rock. Outcrops appear all over Vail valley, and so its not hard to find where to start looking. Unfortunately for me, today was pretty unproductive. Right now it’s 11:40 AM and I’ve had to pull out of the collection zone, as thunderstorms have just blanketed the valley.  Vail pass is completely overcast from what I can see, with clouds rolling into the Gore range. Thunderstorms in the Rockies are annoying, but pretty. I also just had some bad luck today when it came to the fossils I’ve found. A piece of coral and a couple fragments of invertebrate carapace are all I can say I’ve collected.

Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will allow for collecting conditions, but if not, it’ll be another day of research. If the weather really stinks, I’ll probably head to town or something. Oh well!

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