I’m Writing a Book

I was going going to make myself write one sometime, so why not now?

A few months ago, I got the idea to write a book about the prehistoric landmass called Appalachia. This is actually what inspired me to do Antediluvian Beasts of the East. You might be asking why I haven’t shared this earlier. Well, I just didn’t know if I would write a book until around 3 months ago. Dave Hone’s post also gave me confidence to announce this.

So far, the working title is Appalachia Prehistorica, although I doubt that will stay. If you have any suggestions on a title, feel free to comment below. I’ll be giving updates on this blog periodically. Let’s hope it goes well.


  1. I’d like to hear more about this. How much time will you cover in this book – ony the Mesozoic, or all of prehistory? What about the organizational format? What audience is this book going to be geared towards? I agree with you that the title needs to be worked on. You don’t want it to sound like a stuffy 17th Century academic treatise. I suppose you could call it “An Odyssey of Time: The Prehistory of Eastern North America”, but you might need to get permission from the estate of the artist Ely Kish (she died in October 2014) to use the title, especially if you want one of her paintings on the cover. Also, if you want illustrations, perhaps I could assist you if you wish.

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    1. Well you just brightened my day :). So far I’m planning for the book to follow the style of William Gallagher’s fantastic work “When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey”, with 1-2 pages here and there highlighting certain animals, similar to the format in “Dinosaur Art” where certain animals featured in the included artist’s artwork were given special attention. I was planning to illustrate the book, but I cannot say no to your offer as I absolutely adore your style. I have yet to find a publisher, as this book is still in its early stages. The book will cover the prehistoric fauna and basic geology of Appalachia, the island landmass my studies are currently focused on. Thanks for the comment!



      1. and I think I may have a better title for the book. For a few weeks now I have been considering “A Prehistoric Odyssey: New Insights on the Ancient Continent of Appalachia”.


  2. Purdue University in Indiana seems to publish a lot of paleontology-related material – perhaps you could pitch your idea to them. Although be warned: academic presses are notoriously short on cash, and they will only agree to publish your work if they are absolutely 100% certain that it will sell.

    If you have enough money, you could always self-publish it (I’m sure that my old publisher Trafford Publishing would leap like a Charles Knight Dryptosaurus on this opportunity). The up-side to the self-publishing approach is that you usually have a lot more control over content and style than with traditional publishers. The down-side is that it’s expensive – you have to pay for literally everything. This could run into thousands of dollars. I know. I speak from hard-learned experience!

    If I were you, I’d do some hefty research as to which publishing houses, be they academic or commercial, have published paleontology books in the past. One last word – don’t submit your work to a publishing company that has already published another book on this subject. They don’t like it when their authors have to compete with each other for sales, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like it either.


    1. Of course. A relative of mine successfully published her book around two years ago, and so I am planning to ask her which publisher she worked with, as it seemed to work out ok for her. I was thinking about contacting the Indiana University Press. Thank you for the advice, as it is very appreciated!


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