A Quick Post for Preservation

Hello all. I’d quickly like to mention that a friend of mine, Billy Doran, who helped with the excavation of some specimens this summer, is starting a project centered around the preservation of a site Billy calls “Dinosaur Junction” which is located in Walcott. The site preserves body and trace fossils from all three periods of the Mesozoic era, hence the name. The tracks are very impressive, and are also very large. Certainly this site deserves to be recognized and protected, right?

Billy has started to do just that. He has started to spread the news and hold fundraisers, and he would love it if you spread the news as well. Billy is still trying to figure out how to reach an agreement with the BLM (as the site is on BLM land) to create a program around this site. Here are some photos of the site and the fossils found there:




For more information, contact Billy at: 


Thanks again everyone for reading, and hopefully this project will quickly advance, securing the preservation of these fossils.


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