Hello there! My name is Chase, and I work as a research associate of paleontology at the Stamford Museum in Stamford, CT. My primary research focus is the paleobiology of the fauna of the Late Cretaceous-age landmass known as Appalachia, which was situated where much of eastern North America now is located today. Not many researchers currently study the flora and fauna of this landmass, and given that the fossil record of Appalachia is relatively poor, the landmass has become somewhat of a forgotten world. For me, this aspect of Appalachia just adds to the fun I have while I do research on it. My goal is to not only further our scientific understanding of this landmass, but to educate the general public about its wondrous plants and animals.


These are the bones of a juvenile Corythosaurus casuarius, a lambeosaurine dinosaur, in our collections. Corythosaurus is very recognizable due to the plate-shaped crest which adorned its head.

I have also had the chance to create several pieces of paleoart for the Stamford Museum as well as a few other educational facilities. If you would like to contact me for scientific reference, other research-related work, or to request artwork, please email me at chasethedinosaur@gmail.com . If you have any questions about a blog post or anything posted on here, please feel free to leave a comment.

Please don’t curse or put derogatory or ad hominem material in your comment, or you will be blocked. Thank you for your understanding.

All posts on this website represent the views and opinions of Chase Brownstein, not those of my associates, my institution, or anyone else. All text and photos on this website are the property of myself, so do contact me using the email above if you would like to reproduce anything from here.

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