Update On Summer 2015: Ahead of Schedule

Hi everyone! Just a quick update. I have been able to change the blog title and theme ahead of schedule. We will most likely have Antediluvian Beasts of The East #1 sometime this weekend. If you are wondering, this will be the replacement to Stunning Strata, which didn’t fare very well as a series. I hope you enjoy the new look and stay tuned for Terrific Tetanurae! #9 on Friday. Have a suggestion for the style of this blog? Leave a comment down below telling me what you think! As always, thanks for reading!


    1. Yes! I wanted to show the emphasis on the prehistory of the Eastern US that this blog will have without being too blatant. And what says “The Eastern US has cool stuff too” better then a 27 foot long (high estimates at a maximum of 30 feet) 1 to 3 ton, 3 fingered tyrannosaurid?


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